Family Pastoral Council

Key Considerations

As stated in the Renewal Playbook, the Family Pastoral Council serves as the consultative governing body to guide the work of the Catholic Family of Parishes. 

Comprised of representatives from each parish within the Family, perhaps Pillar Heads or members of Parish Councils, the Council collaborates to offer insight and recommendations to assist the Pastor in decision-making processes for the collective spiritual well-being and growth of the entire Family of Parishes community.


  1. This body is the steward of the Family Action Plan:
    1. Evaluation of yearly goals and strategies, accomplishments and reporting of progress and new goals to the Family of Parishes.
  2. Collaborative Decision-Making:
    1. Actively participate in discussions and deliberations to provide input and recommendations on matters affecting the spiritual, pastoral, and current administrative aspects of the Family of Parishes.
  • Pastoral Planning: Implements the goals of the Family Action Plan and the work of the pillars.  
  • Pastoral Care: Provide support and guidance to the Pastor in addressing pastoral concerns and challenges within the Family of Parishes, with a focus on promoting unity, inclusivity, and pastoral sensitivity. 
  • For example: assisting the Pastor with how and where to provide clear and accurate communication within each individual Parish regarding changes that need to be made for the sake of the entire Family of Parishes to increase acceptance and avoid rumors. 
  • Communication: Serve as a liaison between the Family of Parishes and individual parish communities within the FoP, ensuring effective communication of decisions, initiatives, and pastoral priorities.
  • Collaboration with Parish Councils: Foster collaboration and cooperation between the Family Pastoral Council and individual parish councils, encouraging mutual support and alignment of goals and objectives.


It’s highly recommended that the Family Pastoral Council should convene regularly to address the ever-evolving agenda of pertinent matters affecting the Family of Parishes. The optimum meeting cadence shall be determined based on the needs and priorities of the community, but it is recommended that meetings occur minimally once every quarter. Additional meetings may be scheduled as deemed necessary by the Pastor or Council members.

TOPICS FOR MEETING DISCUSSIONS: The family action plan will guide the agenda for the Family Pastoral Council meetings.


  • Active member of one of the parishes within the Family of Parishes – perhaps involved with a Pillar Group.
  • Committed to the mission and teachings of the Catholic Church.
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills.
  • Ability to discern and articulate pastoral priorities and concerns of the FoP.
  • Willingness to work collaboratively with diverse perspectives and backgrounds within the Council and broader community.


  • While it is recommended that representatives be from individual parish councils, this is not a requirement. Individuals with a demonstrated commitment to the mission and well-being of the Family of Parishes may also serve as representatives on the Family Pastoral Council.
  • The pillar groups become the committee through which the specific area goals are implemented and accomplished. 
  • *Please note pillar groups are not dissolved!