Family Leadership Team

Key Considerations

The Family Leadership Team embodies the collaborative model spirit within the Catholic Family of Parishes, working alongside the Pastor to advance the overarching mission, operation, and growth of the Family of Parishes (FoPs). 

Comprised of the trustees of each parish in the family, these individuals with diverse skill sets and backgrounds, the Leadership Team serves as an executive committee, tasked with making strategic decisions, implementing initiatives, and evaluating outcomes to enhance the vitality and effectiveness of the FoPs.


  1. Family Leadership Team are the eyes and ears of the parishes they represent and bring the local parish perspective to the family model with the pastoral leadership. 
  2. Visionary Leadership: Engage in strategic visioning processes to discern and articulate the long-term vision and goals for the Family of Parishes, with a focus on fostering growth, innovation, and evangelization.
  • Future Planning: Collaborate with Family Pillar Head Group to develop comprehensive plans and strategies for the future development and growth of the FoPs, with an emphasis on attracting new followers, especially younger generations and young families.
  • Innovative Evangelization: In collaboration with the pillars, explore and implement innovative approaches to evangelization, InReach and OutReach opportunities, using digital media, social platforms, and Family community engagement initiatives to reach individuals both within and beyond the Family of Parish walls.
  • Obstacle Identification: Constantly and preventatively identify and assess major obstacles and challenges facing individual parishes within the Family, and developing proactive strategies to address them, fostering resilience and adaptability.
  • Resource Optimization: Strategize ways to optimize all resources, including personnel, facilities, and financial assets, through collaboration, sharing, and consolidation efforts across the Family of Parishes in every way possible, using the goals and strategies identified by the Family Action Plan.
  • Efficiency Improvement: Evaluate all existing processes and procedures within the FoPs to identify opportunities for streamlining operations, reducing redundancies, and maximizing efficiency in all aspects of ministry and administration.


The Family Leadership Team shall convene regularly to address strategic matters and oversee the implementation of initiatives aimed at advancing the mission and growth of the Family of Parishes. 

It is recommended that the Leadership Team meets at least once a month, with additional meetings scheduled as necessary to address urgent matters or strategic planning sessions.


  1. Yearly State of the Parish Address: Each year the Leadership Team in collaboration with the pastor will present data and trends addressing sacramental and financial information and strategy concerning the Family Action Plan and next steps moving forward. This is a great opportunity to present the annual financial report.
  2. Visionary Retreats: Regularly organize periodic retreats or workshops, that include the Family Leadership Team, Pastoral Team and pillar chairs, focused on visionary leadership and strategic planning, allowing members of the Leadership Team to discern and articulate the long-term vision and goals for the FoPs.
  • Strategic Planning Sessions: Facilitate specific strategic planning sessions to develop comprehensive plans and initiatives for the future growth and development of the FoPs, with a particular emphasis on innovative evangelization strategies and attracting new followers, especially younger generations.
  • Pillar Groups: Use Pillar groups to help establish smaller specific task forces or working groups within each Pillar to address specific challenges or opportunities identified by the Family Leadership Team, delegating responsibilities and fostering collaboration among members with relevant expertise or interest.
  • Resource Inventory and Sharing: Regularly conduct an inventory of resources, including personnel, facilities, and financial assets, across the Family of Parishes, and explore opportunities for sharing and collaboration to optimize resource allocation and effectiveness.
  • Communication and Transparency: Maintain open and transparent communication channels with all consultative groups, clergy, pillar groups, and parishioners, providing regular updates on the work and decisions of the Family Leadership Team, and inviting input and feedback from the broader community.


  • Active trustee and member of one of the parishes within the Family of Parishes.
  • Demonstrated commitment to the mission and values of the Catholic Church.
  • Strategic thinking and visionary leadership skills.
  • Strong communication, collaboration, and consensus-building abilities.
  • Ability to analyze complex issues and make informed decisions in the best interest of the Family of Parishes.

Note:  At the discretion of the Pastor, others may be appointed to this specific Leadership Team.