Missionary Disciples | May 9, 2023


  • Catholics have lost more people to other religions or to no religion than any other single religious group. (Pew Research)
  • The number of Catholics leaving the church outnumbers joiners by 4-1. (Pew Research)
  • One in five Americans say they attend religious services in person less often than before pandemic. (Pew research)

Suggested Ways to Make Your family of parishes Become a Vibrant Community

  • Make weekend Liturgies outstanding (hospitality, homily, music) 
  • Have clear, visible signs with Mass times.
  • Offer faith sharing groups.
  • Address disabilities (ramps, hearing aid devices, Braille, large print)
  • Leave parish information at real estate offices, hotels.
  • Have attractive parish brochure.
  • Offer babysitting service at Sunday Masses
  • Put parish name and Mass times in local papers.
  • Have a bulletin board for notices and a suggestion box
  • Have a guest book for visitors. Follow up on information.
  • Reach out to new residents in the area.
  • Host or advertise annulment workshops.
  • Host a parish open house.
  • Show openness to new immigrant families. 
  • Welcome visitors during weekend liturgies.
  • Have a process for registration which is welcoming.
  • Assist those who are unemployed:
    1. Baby-sit during job interviews
    2. Assist those who may find it difficult to navigate the computer. 
    3. Offer assistance in writing and editing person’s resume.
    4. Offer to practice interviewing with the person.
    5. Write recommendation letters.
    6. Offer prayers.
    7. Take a person’s resume and give to your contacts. 

Alpha Events and Timeline:

Alpha is working very closely with the Diocese of Buffalo this year. To understand their commitment to us watch the 16 min. orientation video. Also, view the Partnership Calendar with Alpha.

Dates to Remember:

  • May 17 – 1:00 to 1:30. All are invited to come together via zoom to pray for the needs of the Family of Parishes in this diocese. 
  • May 19 or 20: Retreat “A God Who Hears His People”. Two locations: Clarence and Arcade. 
  • June 1: Alpha Preview for Catholic Leaders – (Online) – June – Tuesdays & Thursdays. Event Starting June 1. In each preview session, participants will have an experience of the Alpha sessions put on by parishes as well as understand the cultural values of Alpha: hospitality, listening, empowerment, evangelistic intentionality, and dependence on the Holy Spirit.  
  • June 28: The Culture Conversation – (Online) – Wednesday, June 28th 10:30am-11:30am. Gather with diocesan and parish leaders to explore the challenges and opportunities facing the Catholic Church today. Discuss the importance of sharing values for evangelization that build a culture of making disciples and reaching the unchurched and unengaged in your unique ministry context. Register here.
  • September 17: Start of Adult Alpha in parishes.
  • September 24: Start of Youth Alpha in parishes.
  • Nov. 4: Retreat day for Parishes doing Alpha. There will be two tracks – a track for Adults and a Track for Youth. Location and Time to be determined. The theme of the retreat will be the 4 sessions of the Holy Spirit that are part of Alpha.

Location Needed for Alpha Retreat
Saturday, November 4 there will be an Alpha Retreat that will gather all those who are doing Alpha in their Family of Parishes. We are looking for a place that can host two groups of people: youth and adults. We are uncertain of the numbers at this point but want to begin exploring the possibilities. If you have nice facilities for gathering and would consider hosting this, please contact Sr. Louise to discuss this further. Lalff2@buffalodiocese.org.

To learn more about Alpha go to: http://www.Alphausa.org


The next training will be Sat. June 3 from 9:00 – 1:00. at St. Joseph School Cafeteria, Batavia. Lunch included. Click here to register. Even if you are not sure when you are doing LITE it is good to be trained well in advance. 


On Wednesday, May 10, 2023, Saint Bernadette Parish welcomes mothers of children with special needs and their families to a special Mother’s Mass at 7 PM. If you have questions, contact Paula Potteiger at 716-649-1051 or cozmo3631@gmail.com


Jayson D. Bradley

Here are a few ways your church can approach Mother’s Day with empathy and compassion:

Don’t make motherhood the epitome of womanhood
Being a mom is certainly something to celebrate but when we use language such as:  “Motherhood is the greatest calling,” those struggling with infertility or those who have had miscarriages are feeling less than “perfect”. Also remember those that are single without children. 

Acknowledge the diversity of motherhood
Motherhood takes many forms. In your congregation, there are step-moms, foster moms, adopted moms, grandmothers raising their grandchildren and moms who have been estranged from their children. Acknowledging that motherhood takes many forms.

Pray for those who are hurting
We can’t pretend Mother’s Day is a cheery holiday for everyone. It’s not. If you’ve experienced mom-related trauma like abuse, addiction, mental health issues, abandonment, or death, this is a time when people may feel like they have to secretly grieve something they lost or never had. Church should be a place where even in the midst of joy, we acknowledge and grieve with those who are in pain. By openly praying for people who struggle with motherhood or have been hurt by this relationship, you can use Mother’s Day to open the door to healing and position your church as a community where restoration happens.

Prayers for Mothers

As we celebrate Mother’s Day, let us remember all mothers: biological mothers, foster mothers, stepmothers, godmothers, aunts, mothers in prison, mothers living on the street, unwed mothers, mothers of political prisoners, mothers of the condemned, marginalized mothers, mothers of the homeless, mothers seeking sanctuary, undocumented mothers, mothers pregnant with hope, mothers centered in God, mothers fearful of giving birth, mothers who have lost a child, mothers who have suffered a miscarriage, mothers who have had abortions, abused mothers, divorced mothers, mothers of love.

Dear God, help all the mothers in this world. Help guide them with their children and bring them peace. A mothers work can be hard and comes with little reward. Whisper your love and encouragement into each mothers heart. Let every mother know they are blessed. (author unknown)